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General Admissions 


Program Operation

Namaste Montessori is a full year program, operating 12 months/year.  Please refer to the NMP calendar for details regarding school breaks and in-service dates when the school is closed.  Namaste makes every effort to align school closings with the Peters Township school calendar when possible.  


The toddler and primary school day is from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.   Please refer to NMP tuition chart for breakdown of cost.



If at all possible, parents are encouraged to speak with the Head of School and tour the classroom before submitting an application.  The application is valid for three years from the application date or until the child is no longer eligible for enrollment. If an offer for enrollment is declined for any reason, the application will be withdrawn. Please remember to notify the school if you change your address or phone number.


Waiting List 

If there are no openings available in the program selected, your application will be placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted as soon as space becomes available and will then have two weeks in which to enroll your child by signing a contract and paying the one-month, refundable, security deposit.


Provisional Acceptance

All children enrolled are accepted into the program with the understanding that if the teacher feels the program cannot meet the child’s needs, the staff and parents will explore alternatives together.


Enrollment Agreement

A child is officially enrolled in the program when the school has received the signed enrollment agreement and tuition deposit. Enrollment in all programs is binding. Parents are responsible for tuition regardless of the amount of time the child attends the school.



Should a family initiate withdrawal of a child, a minimum of 60 days advance written notice must be given to the school in order to receive a full refund of tuition deposit.  If both the parents and the school administration decide that the Namaste Montessori program is not appropriate for an enrolled child, the child may be withdrawn and the parents relieved of any further financial responsibility.   If the school decides that the Namaste Montessori program is not appropriate for an enrolled child, the family is relieved of any further financial obligation


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